Stats and Contact Info:

First Base, Multiple Outfield Positions
St. Thomas High School, Houston, TX
98.97 Grade Point Average
6'-0", 201 lbs
17 Years old/Senior
Graduation: Class of 2013
Athletic & Academic Resume

Personal Contacts:
  Greg Hoffman (Dad):
     Phone: 713-702-7290 (cell)
                 713-849-2637 (home)
     Email: ghoffman@hilcorp.com
  Greg Hoffman Jr.
     Phone: 713-854-6828 (cell)
     Email: ghoffman31@gmail.com

Coaches Contacts:
  Craig Biggio - Head Coach, St. Thomas High School
     Email: madelyngarza@sths.org and ask for Craig Biggio
  Jason Krug - Head Coach, C2 Baseball
     Phone: 281-865-1622