Stats and Contact Info:

Position: Catcher
Cypress Christian School, Cypress, TX
6'-1", 215 lbs
GPA: 4.1
Math & Reading SAT: 1100
Bats/Throws: R/R
POP Time: 1.9
Bat Exit Velocity: 95
18 Years old, Just Graduated
Graduation: Class of 2017

Personal Contacts:

Trey Namanny
Cell: 423-619-3577
Email: treynamanny@gmail.com

Parent: Ron Namanny
Cell: 423-322-1705
Email: rnamanny@aol.com

Summer Team Coaches:

Director: Sean Danielson
Cell: 832-478-5313
Email: sdanielson8@hotmail.com

Coach: Brett Fisher
Cell: 713-855-0267
Email: brett_fisher14@yahoo.com

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