Stats and Contact Info:

Starting Defender
Dominant Foot: Right
Foster High School, Richmond, TX
GPA: 3.7
5'-7", 135 lbs
17 Years old/Junior
Graduation: Class of 2015

Club Soccer:
Position played in Club: Starting Defender
Number of years experience: 9 years
Current Club: Albion Hurricanes
(2 years)


"Independent, competitive, ambitious…these are a few descriptive words that depict who Will Hopfe is. I have had the pleasure of coaching Will for the last 3 years. I feel anything he sets his mind to, can and will be accomplished. Will has great drive and is a leader on and off the field."

Michael Hale
Foster High School
Head Men’s Soccer Coach

- Starting Defender for Foster High School Entire Season (2014)
- All-District Second Team Defender (2014)
- Went entire season without being beat by an offensive
player for a score (2014)
Will has been playing JV or Var for 3 years. Will played JV soccer his freshman year, split time between JV and Varsity his sophomore year and played Varsity his junior year. Plans on playing varsity this coming season his senior year.


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