Hobbies - General Info

My name is Don Koonce and co-owner with my wife Beverly of Designs by Koonce. Over the years we have had several hobbies some of which led to our first products and services under Designs by Koonce, which is one of the reasons I have included this section. We have worked some of the hobbies together along with our daughter and then some Bev worked on alone. She oil and watercolor paints beautifully. She in our early years before our daugher was born custom painted oil paintings and made us some very needed income.

Our present business Designs by Koonce is a graphic design & video production company specializing in graphic arts, Website design, video conversion to DVD, and video editing. We used many of the hobbies learned in the past to create the business and especially the video productions section. You never know when a hobby could turn into a profit opportunity.

Hobbies we did together were raising bonsai minature trees, gradening includied creating a Japanese graden with many plants, trees, 33 tons of stone walk ways and flowerbeds and water treatments in our backyard., Elaborate Disney Chrismas decorations with lighting that Bev customed painted over 10 large wooden character scenes. Working in Photoshop to restore old photographs, creation custom greeting cards, etc.

Hobbies Bev did was custom oil and watercolor painting, creating minature art projects out of cloth material, wood and modeling clay. Very good at photo restoration of old photographs using Photoshop. Many other art projects using different mediums.

On my side I was a electronic packaging design engineer for 30+ years with lots of drafting and engineering skills interwoven into our hobbies. My job alowed me to get into graphic art design, photography and other graphic art skills I transfered into our minature art hobbies. I also love wood working where I made several large projects. But for several years we had a minature business where we created doll house scale (1inch to the foot) minatures in many different mediums. Wood, cloth material, glass blowing, lathing brass items, small bronze castings, minature art craft classes, minature paintings and many more mediums. We created two very elabrate western minature room boxes. A general store and saloon with several thousand parts with a lot of hand made items. They were our 1st two main minature projects built.

In the last few years I have gotten ino creating various different elaborate Lego projects. It's a little smaller scale than our previous minature hobby that started in December of 2015 as a hobby to enjoy with our two grandkid girls who are now teenagers. The girls got really good in assembling the projects even the most complicated Lego buildings out there. For my birthday and Christmas presents each year I purchaed a Lego Creative Building Project, which consisted of around 2200+ parts and the girls and I would assemble using Lego's very detailed assembly instructions. These are modular buildings that all plug together to create a street or town. I so enjoyed building the projects and working with the girls that I have continued creating adult creative projects (typically 2200+ parts) like buildings, carosels, and my own modular buildings that creates a Western Town as a diorama that has probably 20,000+ parts, 7 custom modular buildings, landscaping with motorized small carosel, Gazabo with music band playing inside and 5 wagons. A Great and very fun project I have been working on for over a year. All custom designs.