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Love creating adult (typicaliy 2200+ parts) Lego creative projects. Started off in December of 2015 as a hobby to enjoy with our two grandkid girls who are now teenagers. The girls got really good in assembling even the most complicated Lego buildings out there. For my birthday and Christmas presents each year I purchaed a Lego Creative Building Project and the girls and I would assembe using Lego's very detailed assembly instructions. These are modular buildings that all plug together to create a street or town. I so enjoyed building the projects and working with the girls I have continued creating adult creative projects (typically 2200+ parts) like buildings, carosels, and my own modular buildings Western Town that has probably 20,000+ parts, 7 custom modular buildings, landscaping with motorized small carosel, Gazabo with music band, and 5 wagons. Great and very fun project. All custom designs.