Pricing or content subject to change without notice. Rev 10-14-14

Website Creation & Maintenance:

  • $650.00 for up to (10) pages, (25) photos.
  • $350.00 for up to (2) pages, (10) photos.
  • Includes medium level Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and post to (40+) search engines.
  • 14 day minor maintenance once posted then maintenance package kicks in.
  • Additional pages $60.00/ea and photos $2.00/ea during development.
  • Maintenance package for Website at $18/hr. Min (10) hours or $180.00 for 1st purchase.
  • Require 3/4 down payment balance on or before final posting.
  • Additional options available. Please inquire.

Graphic Design:

  • Custom Graphic Arts Design - $35/hr for brochures, Ads, business cards, custom photo touchup, photo restoration, flyers, logos, digital photography, etc.
  • Scrapbook pages - $25/page, (5) photos, journeling, custom backgrounds and photo frames.
  • Business cards (one sided) - $75/250 qty Plus $25 One time artwork charge (Std). Logo to be supplied by client. Two sided printing available upon request.
  • Custom greeting cards - $25 for first card and $1.75/ea additional card.
  • Ask about our large print capability (MS Word document) for printing photos using achievable inks and paper. Photo paper, fine art paper and canvas available.
  • Photo, Slide or negative scanning. Includes (1) CD of 300/600 DPI jpg files:
    • Qty up to 499 - $2/ea
    • Qty over 500 - $1.50/ea

Software Training lab fees: Training offered only at Kingwood Studio or Houston area location. No online training offered at this time. Pricing below assumes Kingwood location.

  • $14/hr discount rate for (10) or more lab hours purchased as a block.
  • $35/hr for all lab hours to use workstations for less than (10) hours.
  • Ask about our one day software training seminars.
  • Personal offsite software training at $45/hr, min (2) hours.
  • Adult - We offer 16 hr one-on-one or group software training for $150/person. It is a (4) day, (3) hours/day, (2) week schedule customized per client or group. Seating limited (3) max depending on software.
  • Home Schooling - We offer 12 hr one-on-one or group training for $99/person. It is a (4) day, (3) hours/day, (2) week schedule. Can be on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Either morning, afternoon, or evening times. Check with DBK for available times. Seating limited (3) max.

Video Productions:

  • Video (8mm video or VHS) to DVD conversion (NTSC):
    • Qty 1-5 - $27/ea per tape for up to (2) hours (no editing). Min $80 with editing such as adding or replacing music. Major editing available.
    • Qty 6-20 - $22/ea per tape for up to (2) hours.
    • Qty 21and over - $15/ea per tape for up to (2) hours.
    • Over 2 hours $10.00/hr
    • Additional copies available at $10/ea.
  • 8mm film (standard or super 8) reels- Iincludes (1) DVD copy. Additional copies available at $10/ea:
    • 3" reel:
      • Qty 1-20- $22/ea
      • Qty 21-49 - $17/ea
      • Qty 50 and over - $12/ea
    • 5" reel:
      • Qty 1-20 - $55/ea
      • Qty 21-49 - $44/ea
      • Qty 50 and over - $35/ea
    • 7" reel:
      • Qty 1-20 - $85/ea
      • Qty 21-49 - $75/ea
      • Qty 50 and over - $65/ea
  • Video Photo Montage:
    • $200 for up to (50) photos.
    • Includes music and (1) DVD copy.
    • $2/ea additional photo.
    • $25/ea video added.
    • Additional DVD copies are $10/ea.
  • PowerPoint conversion to DVD:
    • $200.00 for up to 150 slides
    • Includes (1) DVD.
    • $2/ea additional photo.
    • Additional DVDs copies are $10/ea.
  • Videotaping (1 camera) in Studio:
    • $90.00 1st hour then $45.00/hr after that.
    • Green Screen, White, and Black backdrops are available.
    • Editing provided at an extra cost.
    • Additional DVD copies are $10/ea.
  • Videotaping (1 camera) of Special Events:
    • $135/hr min (2) hours. Receive (1) DVD.
    • Editing provided at an extra cost.
    • Traveling expenses may apply.
    • Additional DVD copies are $10/ea.
  • Videotaping (2 cameras) of Special Eevents:
    • $185/hr min (2) hours. Receive (1) DVD.
    • Editing provided at an extra cost.
    • Traveling expenses may apply.
    • Additional copies are $10/ea.
  • DVD copying (We do not copy commercial copy protected DVDs).
    • $3.00/ea - No case or outside label. Protected by a white sleeve. Labeling of DVD black text on white background direct printing. Custom labeling available at $25.00 one time artwork charge.
    • $6.00/ea - Standard black plastic case with generic outside label. Labeling of DVD black text on white background direct printing. Custom outside label available at $25.00 one time artwork charge.
    • $10-15/ea - Custom DVDs for weddings or special events. Standard black plastic case with custom label outside and direct printing on DVD.
  • Web Video Conversions - $75/hr.

Video/Web/Graphic Services for Ministries or Non-profit Oranaizations:

We want to reach out and give back to Ministry and Non-profit organizations. Our way of doing this is to heavly discount our entire services. We can't afford to give our services away but we can make it more cost effect. Check out our Ministry/Non-Profit document for full details. I have listed below the high lights.

  • Proposed Services:
    • Creating marketing DVDs, and CDs. Distribution and copying of the DVD is done by the ministry. The copy rights are released.
    • Creating Web versions of the DVDs for posting to the web. Can be done as a video jukebox. (Ref DBK Web Site, Video Conversions page 6 or 7).
    • Updating or redesigning a Web Site. Must be done in Dream Weaver software.
    • Conversions of VHS, 8mm, or DV videos to DVD.
    • Graphic arts – Flyers, brochures and business cards.
    • Copying of CDs or DVDs.
  • Training:
    • Video Editing
    • Graphic Design
    • Digital Imaging
    • Web Site Design or Update
    • Audio Production
    • MS Office Software
    • General Computer Skills
  • Costs:
    • Cost would at $12/hr. Minimum payment down of $120.00 upfront equals (10) hours. This applies to Web support as well, which our standard fee is $18/hr. A considerable savings.
    • Copying/Labeling of DVD at $3.00/ea (white sleeve) or $6.00/ea for packaged in black DVD case with label.
    • Specific Training classes are $150.00/class. 16 hours, 12 hours in class and 4 hours lab. Classes are held in (3) hour sessions twice a week for instance on a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Usually in the morning but other times can be accommodated.

Audio Productions:

  • Audio Cassette conversion to CD or .WAV or MP3:
    • Qty 1-10 - $27.00/ea
    • Qty 11-20 - $22.00/ea

Video System Configuration & Setup:

  • Video System package - $400.00 to install video software, configure, & setup your present computer system so you can create your very own home or business video then burn it to DVD or save it as a Web version. The upgrade includes 10 hours training at your home or business to get you up and running. Client to upgrade computer system per our provided work list, & purchase Adobe Video Software package.
  • We also consult at $35/hr on recommending a completely new videography system capable of creating home or business DVD movies.

Note: Most projects require minimum of 3/4 down payment or full payment depending on the project.

Note: ALL original work done on videos, graphics work, and Website design remain the properity of Designs by Koonce (DBK) and are not to be used without written permission of DBK. The only exception is for Website design. The posted files remain the properity of the Website holder.